A usability study for Community Sourced Capital.

Client: Community Sourced Capital

Task: Improve the user experience of the company’s web platform through targeted user interviews.

Community Sourced Capital is a Kickstarter-like website that funds small businesses in the Pacific Northwest with crowdsourced loans. https://www.communitysourcedcapital.com

With a limited budget, I recruited over two dozen potential participants. I prepared a 7-page usability script for the hour-long interviews and surveys with a mentor’s assistance. I led 7 interviews, each one-hour long as users navigated the website. I collected screenshots from dozens of comparable site to illustrate best design practices for the client. I narrowed down my list of 100 total findings into 15 major ones and then delivered an hour long talk in person to the team’s CEO, CTO, and executive team.

They were thrilled with the results. The CTO called it “ridiculously fantastic”. The company had never had a usability study conducted on their website, which was being accessed by hundreds of users on certain days. Some of the copy I rewrote for the client remains on the site today.

Brainstorming for the study
Creating a mind map
Recruitment screener_Page_1
Writing the recruitment screener


STUDY-Interview Guide_Page_1
Writing the study guide (p.1)
STUDY-Interview Guide_Page_2
Writing the study guide (p.2)


csc - study screenshot5
A user navigates the website
STUDY-post-test survey questions_Page_1
Written survey following the study


From the final presentation, selected slides:

The full presentation is 58 pages long.

CSC Report-Major Findings_Page_04

CSC Report-Major Findings_Page_05  CSC Report-Major Findings_Page_09

The CSC technology team implemented many of the design recommendations within a month. Today, the business is thriving, and the company is close to reaching $2 million in small business loans.