Pulled together a team for a Startup Weekend.

For a Startup Weekend Music: Seattle, I pulled together a team of developers and lent my skills as a designer, to work as a team with a booking agent on a tool to make promoting gigs easier for musicians.

I used Unbounce to quickly generate a landing page for the concept, in order to validate the idea.

Here’s the landing page I put together in about two hours:


Visitors to the site could click any of the “Sign Up” buttons to be taken to another page where they could enter their email address.

We used the landing page as one of three tools over the weekend to validate if there was genuine interest from bands and venues about having a service that would automatically pull an upcoming event from Facebook and push the event details to local publications.

I worked out the UX of the product in collaboration with the developers put together an awesome front-end framework of the product for the demo. The developer team coded a site that pulled live event data from a Facebook events page (using the Facebook API) and then simulated of how the event would be pushed to local event calendars in publications such as the Seattle Times, the Stranger, and Yelp Events, using our service.


We then presented to a team of judges that included Bruce Pavitt the founder of Sub Pop records and the producer who released the first album of Nirvana, the most famous band to come out of Seattle, Dean Graziano a serial entrepreneur and founder of music startup Lively, and Richard Luck, the CTO at Reveal and now at music company Rhapsody.



We won 1st place! It wasn’t about the prizes, which for the most part I gave away, but instead bringing together a team that worked well, had fun and seeing through an idea that had legs, and coalescing a team together that I was confident would execute under a tight two-day time frame.