About Jonathan

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Jonathan is a passionate and professional UX Designer, with an unconventional background. Jonathan began his career in finance, then forged his own path to learn and practice user research in the real world. First, he did this by building a mobile app and conducting the research for it on his own, then reached out to mentors on how to formally conducted usability studies for initial clients.

He’s since been hired by billion-dollar companies like Google and Tommy Bahama to conduct user research on their products. He’s also worked with smaller businesses such as Little Green Light and Community Sourced Capital.

To date he’s completed over 15 projects in three years, everything from mobile app design, web app design for ABC/Disney, and website design, but his focus and area of expertise is largely user research.

He’s worked solo, and collaboratively, and most recently, was hired, largely on account of his communication skills, work experience, and passion for the industry, to teach User Experience Design to ten students on Designlab.

He’s looking for bigger opportunities on a corporate level.

His connections in the Seattle tech community run deep, and he can count a host of mentors and past clients who have helped him on his way. If you need an introduction into the Seattle tech community, he knows someone. Drop him a line via Twitter or Medium.


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