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How can an international web security company adapt their main marketing site to enterprise customers in foreign markets?


Challenge we were trying to solve:

Build an analytics dashboard to monitor website metrics such as visitors, popular pages, and time on site in four different language marketsā€”German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.


The research approach and methods used:

Heuristic evaluation, competitive analysis, in-person mini-studies with language experts (German, Portuguese), Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio.


One or two key learnings:

There were some interesting differences between different language markets like how traffic in each country responded to a period of negative press about the company. From language expert interviews and competitive analysis, we discovered that the language selector placement was hard to find, but once found, overall translation quality was good given the technical nature of their service.


Impact of our research findings on design or strategies:

For the first time, the client had a dashboard to view key analytics from different countries at the same time, which the client found very useful. Insights from our user studies and competitive analysis wereĀ incorporated into design changes on the website.

Data Analysis