A usability study.

Client: Little Green Light

I conducted a usability study for Little Green Light, a software-as-a-service company for nonprofits to manage donor lists. Their site receives thousands of page views per day.

For the study, we needed to recruit employees at nonprofits focused on donor management. I reached out to participants for the study with cold emails. Then, I organized hour-long study sessions, recording the sessions. Once the interviews were complete, I shared initial findings with the client, and began the work to analyze the insights gained through conversations and surveys. I wrapped up the engagement by delivering an hour-long presentation of 14 major findings.

The client was thrilled. The VP of Marketing and Business Development said I had gone “above and beyond” in my findings. They were referring to the research I shared into best practices from other software companies, for ideas that could be translated to their business.
Usability Study Proposal—redacted_Page_1lgl - screen capture3

lgl survey scans part 2_Page_02lgl survey scans part 2_Page_03

affinity mapping

LGL presentation-selected_Page_1

LGL presentation-selected_Page_4 LGL presentation-selected_Page_6


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